How to Control the Cost of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Cost

If you think your roof looks rusty with damaged dents or damaged shingles from hail, then it might be time to install a new one. You call some of your local Houston roofing contractors, access some yellow pages, but a few questions linger in your mind. How much should metal roofing costs? What is a fair bid? Moreover, more importantly, as the homeowner, what can you do to at least try to lower the price bid. Here are some tips for you to get that metal roofing cost down and some suggestions on how to negotiate well with roofing companies.

Take the Time to Learn About The Bidding Process

First, it is essential to learn some of the factors on how a roofing company bids for the job. Your Houston metal roofing contractors will first inspect your current roof. They will be checking things such as:

1. The layers of dents or shingles that were previously removed.
2. If the decking beneath is already damaged.
3. If there are damages to and around the turbines, skylights, chimneys and other structures
4. They will measure the size of the roof to replace.

After checking all those things, the contractor can begin to estimate the total cost of the metal roofing installation. Also, the inspection will help in determining the costs and kinds of materials needed. Some of the likely necessary materials are, the roofing felt, nails, screws and the tarpaper.

Labor Cost

The contractor also adds to the total expenses the labor cost for the job. Metal roofing job usually entails tearing off the roof and properly disposing of it, as well as replacing it with the new one. In case the decking needs to be replaced, then it will be an added cost to the materials plus the labor needed. Other masonry works and structural repair will also have an additional cost.

Cost of Materials

Metal Roofing Contractor

It is essential to know the overall cost of the metal roofing materials because this will help you in negotiating with the contractors. The company will normally markup a little amount of the materials to compensate for its overhead. However, canvassing and comparing the cost of materials can help you choose if the markup is practical or not. As the homeowner, you can also opt to order the materials in your preferred roofing company, and just pay for the contractor to do the roofing job.

Get Several Bids

You can also call 5 or 6 known companies to get bids. Find companies that are willing to give the bid. Lowest bid does not mean the best deal. To make sure, get at least five references for the recent roofing jobs done by the company. Call references and as much as possible get feedbacks from them. You can also search the company website online and try reading some testimonials of the previous consumers. In addition, check and see if there is an existing roofing association in your area. Through this, you can get some good referrals.

You Can and Should Negotiate

There are things you can do to lessen the cost of the metal roofing job. You can negotiate with the contractor on the price of the various materials and the labor cost. Keep in mind a quality metal roofing contractor is entitled to a decent profit on the work they do. Do your homework so you have the knowledge to negotiate a fair deal for all parties.